Heyyo! Welcome here sweety!

My Sweetheart , My soul. They are the one :*

Hello and assalamualaikum semua. So , korang amacam? Sihat? Kalau sihat Alhamdulillah.  So guys , pasal tajuk post ni , alala Aida saja nak kenal-2 kan my sweetheart. They're the one yang sanggup dengar problem Aida , ape yang aida merepek. For sure , I just LOVE them SO MUCHH!

Well of course , the one who born me in this world. Take care of me , give me enough education , spend her money for me. Ohh mum , I LOVE YOU!

Okayy , mak aku comel kan? Lol , sama tinggi je dengan aku. Haha ;3

She gave all her love to me since the first time I took my first breath. Okay , I LOVE YOU MUM :')

Second , MY CUTE DAD. Alolololololololo. Hahalol ;p

Ayah aku comel. Ayah kau ada? Hahahaha kbyee ;D

They're my heart and my soul. They are the person who take care of me, buy what I want, gives all their love too me. I just love both of you so much MUM and DAD! 

(Your Daughter)

♥ Thanks for reading my entry :) ♥